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  Arid Island Music in Lajares, Fuerteventura is an independent record label currently working in collaboration with a local musical, theatrical and multimedia cooperative, Amusic, to produce and publish music created and recorded by the hugely talented bunch of musicians who live, hang out, come and go and of course compose, record and play their music in and around the village of Lajares in the North of the Island of Fuerteventura, the most Oriental of the Spanish Canary Islands on the so-called ultra-periphery of the European Union off the Atlantic coasts of Southern Morocco and Western Sahara.

The location is important, because these islands are and have always been on many migration routes. Arid Island Music in Fuerteventura is fortunate to be able to take advantage of the constantly changing flux of music and of musicians from all parts of all three neighbouring continents that keeps us alive and smiling, dancing and singing around here, no matter how deep nor how long the depression;  and to be able to offer to you some of what we've been enjoying.

Fuerteventura is an arid island with dune-filled and stony deserts (that bloom following rain) of astounding natural beauty. We think the music produced there is full of astounding natural beauty (and well-honed talent) too. See what you think.

Fuerteventura Sunset

Cotillo Surf Beach

Evening Sky over el Cotillo

Canela Café Bar & Restaurant, Lajares
At the Canela Café in Lajares, which is the place to contact the creative cooperative, Amusic, Arid Island works with,  jam sessions continue to rock the house every Wednesday night - you never know whether from six or seven or eight in the evening onwards, so better get there early.

See this site's Canela section for the latest sample sounds from the Canela Jams.

Current Projects

Autumn 2013:

... Fresh news will be posted shortly here ... Listen to the latest sounds from the Canela Jam sessions and from Arid Island musicians at (or cllick the Follow button) ... Arid Island is now publishing news and updates on what's happening, the music that's evolving and the scene around Lajares on the Google+ network (click the Google+ button) ...

Summer 2013:

Marco Fernández Carrascosa has been juggling several balls in the air at once. Marco's Solo work is featured in its own section on this site.

As well as being the kind of musician who can more or less pick up any instrument and play it straight away, Marco is musical director, sound engineer and producer for the Amusic Cooperative and Arid Island Records.

Working as a Duo with MdM some exquisite sounds, we think you will agree, are flowering forth in the desert.

The Trio, TRI-FIN, with Emilio Diena on percussion,  Jean-Philippe Bordenga on bass guitar and Marco, so far, on piano, guitars + loopstation, flugelhorn, flute, melódica and soprano saxophone, really rocks when fully wound up. On the borderline between rock and jazz, with the sound of surf pounding your ears.

We're calling the genre, chill and swing, "Lajares Jazz".

The Trio

The Trio frequently works with other invited musicians, very often with MdM, and forms the heart of the Canela Jam Band. Pictured below at a Jam with the singers Emma and Mónica, rhythm and lead guitarist Powlean, singer-guitarist Simon Korsak and percussionist (amongst many other things) Miles.      

Marco Fernández Carrascosa

Trio Rocking + MdM

EmmaThe singer-songwriter, composer and pianist Emma, one of Lajares's favourite people from Bilbao currently living in Belgium, has been recording some digital mixes with us here on the island and will continue to do so. A release will be forthcoming.

To learn more about Emma and to listen to sample sound, see Emma's section of this site.

Canela Jam Band
Canela Jam Band
The Canela section of this site provides more information about the musicians who participate and a frequently updated selection of live recordings from the sessions. Arid Island Records hopes to publish in the near future a compilation of brilliantly improvised sounds from some of these amazing Jams.