Marco Fernández Carrascosa

'musical swiss knife'

Multi-instrument session musician/arranger/producer based in the Canary Islands of Spain. 40 years of music performance through all kinds of styles, instruments, bands, ... 20 professional years performing live and in studios, dealing with recording software since Cakewalk - Cubase, Protools, Logic pro, and Auria pro/iPad for mobile recording. Marco has been described by fellow musicians and producers as a multi-purpose 'musical swiss knife'. Single tracks and arrangements recorded on demand with:

Piano/Keyboards, Electric/Acoustic/Classical/Fretless Guitar, Electric bass, Soprano sax/Flute, Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Melódica, Ukelele and Drum programming...

Contact Marco with your requirements:  
                    email:  marcotoca2@gmail.com  
                    facebook:  Online-track-recording-musician
                    phone:  (+34) 677 213785

Here are some samples. In the first Marco plays live, solo through a loopstation electric bass, ukelele, electric guitar (Gibson), cajón, shaker and clave cubana. This includes Marco's original composition "Kalima" (at mins 24 & 54). The second is a jazz class, Marco piano, Ricard Rubio double bass. In the third, Marco improvises an arrangement of Gershwin's "I Loves You, Porgy".